In the early 60's, Collins moved the production of his sauce from his restaurant to a small manufacturing plant. With the help of his wife, children and a few neighborhood friends, warm bottles of Mumbo® Sauce were spinning off the assembly line and headed for several neighborhood stores. Ironically, his first retail grocery customer was his brother, Ernest T., who by now owned three grocery stores (The Food Basket) on the city's south side.

As the popularity of Mumbo® Sauce grew in the independent stores, Collins sought distribution with the major grocery chains. A daunting task to say the least, Collins was determined to market his sauce to the masses. He often remarked that it was sheer persistence and a little naivety that eventually landed his first chain account. To the delight of loyal Mumbo® Sauce fans, chains like Jewel Tea Company, One Stop Grocers, Oh Boy Grocers, and Progressive Grocers began stocking Mumbo® Sauce on their shelves.

Collins embarked on a major advertising campaign to promote his popular and now widely distributed barbecue sauce. Popular DJs of the day raved about Mumbo® Sauce during their on-air sampling of assorted ribs, sausages and chicken entreés delivered piping hot from the now famous rib house. Local news papers featured clever ads inviting readers to try Mumbo® Sauce at their next back yard barbecue. Mumbo® Sauce even reached a national audience with its debut in LIFE Magazine in 1970. The word was out and Argia B's Bar-B-Que restaurants became a weekend destination for barbecue lovers from all over.

Collins soon added a food service size to his new product line, as many restaurant owners began asking to use Mumbo® Sauce in their establishments. That was over forty years ago.

Today, distribution of Mumbo® Sauce spans the United States with the help of its major retail food distributors. Additionally, many food service operators continue to use Mumbo® Sauce as their condiment of choice. Though retired from the restaurant business in the 1990's, Argia B's time-honored recipe is preserved in each bottle of Mumbo® Sauce that makes its way to your grocer's shelf.

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Mumbo® Sauce is a proprietary brand of Select Brands LLC Chicago, Illinois and is a registered trademark in the U.S Patent and Trademark Office.